Shawnee Kansas Restaurants That You Don’t Want To Pass Up

Shawnee, Kansas has some great restaurants for sure. You are about to get to explore four of them with me, and you might not know which one to visit first. These are top picks now, out of 100 restaurants. While you are in the city, you want to experience the best it has to offer. That goes for the restaurants, too. Let’s get to looking at these four top establishments in Shawnee, Kansas.

Paulo and Bill is the first top restaurant, and it is located on Midland Drive. Reviewers say that this is a good place to eat brunch in the city. This is an Italian restaurant, and the pizza gets a thumbs up for sure. After stopping on by Paulo and Bill, you will know you just ate at one of the best places in Shawnee.

Now let’s stop on by a restaurant in the city called Big Bam’s Burgers. Big Bam’s Burgers is located on Nieman Road, and they have burgers and delicious sandwiches, among other things. Reviewers mention that the establishment makes its own onion rings. Prepare to find the place busy they say, but that tells you they have some great food.

The next Shawnee, Kansas restaurant is a pizza joint. It is Minsky’s Pizza, and it is located on Renner Road. Pizza, salads and more await you as you make your way to this top establishment. According to the reviews, there are also other locations for this pizza place. If you are like me, you at least want to see what unique creations a pizza place has before you order. What’s going to be on the menu?

For the fourth and final restaurant in Shawnee, Kansas, let’s stop by Big Box BBQ. It is located on on West 62nd, and it is known for all kinds of great eats. In fact, they serve up what is called a barbecue salad. Reviews talk about the brisket being great, and hey, you need great brisket if you claim to be a barbecue restaurant, don’t you think?

Shawnee, Kansas has all kinds of great restaurants, but these four are considered to be some of the best. The pizza place sounds like a good place to start if you have kids and want to keep their tummies full from the get go. Enjoy your time spent in Shawnee, and make sure you get a chance to stop by these restaurants.