Culture and Geography of the Denver

Culture and Geography of the Denver

The most populous Municipality of the state of Colorado is Denver, Denver is also the capital of the state. This city currently holds at least 155 square miles of the total area which of 153 square miles in covered with land and rest of the area is covered with water. This city holds many neighborhoods which of the Cherry Creek is more preferred neighborhood. Cherry Creek apartments Denver is the best place for you to live rest of your life there. This place is mostly covered with parks.

The whole city holds at least 200 small and large parks inside the city. This city is situated on the High plains which are covered with mountainous areas that are the reason that this city is warm in the summer season and it is very cold in the winter season with snowfall every year. There are parks as well on these mountains which are approximately 14,000 acres of land which is covered in parks. These parks on the mountains are the perfect picnic spots for the tourists as well the residents of the city.

This city is full of sports lovers and there are many large stadiums and grounds for almost every kind of sports. This city holds many major sports teams who are famous not only at national level but also at the international level which includes Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer and Hockey. The most visited area of the city is Downtown, this is the most attractive part of the city. Here are many entertaining activities available which include Restaurants, Bars, Dance Clubs, and Night Clubs.

This city is at least 5,280 feet above the sea level which approximately becomes the distance of one mile, that is the reason this city is also known as Mile High City. Basically, this city is known for its artistic activities because by these activities the people of this city represents their tradition and cultures. This city has the second largest arts performing centre of the country, the first largest one is in the New York City.

There are several Museums in the city which represents the culture and history of this city, which is a great chance for the history lovers to learn something new. Every year in almost every season this city is widely visited by the tourists, who gets amused by the many kinds of recreational activities available for the tourists. In the summer season, the tourists’ gets amused by the water games in the swimming pools and artificial lakes around the city and hiking and mountain climbing on the mountains outside the city. There are several picnic spots for the tourists available on these mountains where3 they can experience living near to nature.

This city organizes many festivals each year as this city is a multi-cultural city so there are many people of different cultures and traditions live together in the city and they have their own cultural festivals, to which city authorities’ respect and gives them a chance to celebrate their festivals well.